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August 18, 2001


PARIS: Underground expansion planned at Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower operators are planning to carve out up to five stories worth of exhibition space under the Paris landmark to help reduce long lines faced by panorama seekers.

The project, which could take up to three years, must be approved by the city.

Tower operators say the project could cost up to $70 million and add space for restaurants, shops and parking. The ticket booth and tourist access to the tower also would be underground.

The Eiffel Tower on average draws 30,000 tourists a day.

Afghanistan: Psychological torture of aid workers alleged

The Taliban's refusal to let Western diplomats visit eight jailed foreign aid workers in Afghanistan is part of a game of nerves aimed at wearing them down psychologically, the diplomats said Friday.

The Shelter Now International aid workers including two American women have been jailed for two weeks in Kabul on charges of preaching Christianity in this devoutly Muslim nation.

"This is psychological pressure," said Alastar Adams, first secretary at the Australian High Commission.

Shelter Now International has denied that its workers were proselytizing.

Adams and two colleagues have been trying to see the detained workers since arriving Tuesday in Kabul.

El Salvador: U.N. food aid targets drought-stricken areas

With a major drought gripping Central America, the U.N. World Food Program began distributing food Friday in eastern El Salvador in hopes of fending off hunger.

More than 600,000 farmers across Central America have been affected by the four-month drought.

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