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August 18, 2001


To the editor:

I've just completed reading Mr. Hoeflich's article, "Alcohol, games don't mix" and all I can say is "Whew!" I thought I really was, as my recent KU grad makes me feel when discussing this topic, the only fuddy duddy on campus.

A few of my thoughts on the subject of allowing alcohol at tailgate parties at Memorial Stadium:

1) Yes, attendance is sad for KU's football games and I am not part of the solution there. Cost is the factor for me. Not alcohol or the fact that our Jayhawks are not a winning team. That aside, I don't think the solution to getting attendance up at the football games is to allow alcohol. It shouldn't be anyway. What would it say for the football team if our motto becomes "If you allow beer, they will come" or "Rock Chalk, Rolling Rock"? Wouldn't you rather the football fans come just to watch and enjoy the game? Will you also allow pre-game tailgate parties for women's basketball, etc.? Don't you want sellouts at all sports venues?

2) I also don't agree with the no alcohol on campus policy being twisted to allow it in the scholarship suites or at tailgate parties. This goes back to Mr. Hoeflich's statement about permitting drinking when it suits financial goals. Are we saying it's OK to drink on campus if you can afford to donate thousands of dollars for a suite or if you are a football fan? Or is it those fans are more mature and drink more responsibly? How can it be both ways and not be just a bit hypocritical? We either don't want drinking on the campus or we do.

3) As to the other universities do it argument do you remember your mother asking you, "If Susie jumped off of a bridge, would you?" Same theory here. Just because others are allowing this at their stadiums does not make it right. We should be proud to be making a stand, not following the crowd. As a parent, I appreciate KU's efforts to curb drinking on campus.

I hope the new athletics director and the powers that be will give this issue serious thought before jumping off of a bridge with Susie.

Hollyce Morris,


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