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KU neighbors

August 18, 2001


To the editor:

I am writing in response to the letter you recently published from Mary Loveland regarding the construction of additional scholarship halls on Ohio Street. I too am a former scholarship hall resident and I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Loveland's positive comments on the "schol-hall" system. However, I disagree with her suggestion that scholarship halls cannot coexist with historic houses in the Oread Neighborhood.

The issue at hand is not whether scholarship halls are a positive attribute of the education experience at KU; indeed they are and indeed they have played a significant role in the education of many successful Kansans. The issue before us is whether KU should compromise the integrity of a historic neighborhood to expand the scholarship hall community.

Scholarship halls are very much a part of the Oread Neighborhood, however, the history and tradition of this area embodies much more. Many of the homes scheduled for demolition are uniquely rich with the history and culture of this area. Their proposed demolition will bring an unfortunate final closure to the chapter of KU and Lawrence history that they represent.

KU has failed this community by not seriously considering alternatives to demolition. These historic homes could be renovated into beautiful and sought-after scholarship hall housing at a lower cost than construction of new scholarship halls. Why aren't these types of alternatives being explored? Shouldn't KU be accountable to this community for this decision-making process?

Shane Lillich,


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