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KU boundaries

August 18, 2001


To the editor:

On Monday, a letter from Mary Loveland was published regarding scholarship hall opposition. Toward the end of her letter she stated, "Perhaps people questioning why we need additional scholarship halls should apply the same logic." As an Oread Neighborhood Assn. board member, I'd like to enlighten Mrs. Loveland a bit.

ONA does NOT oppose KU's desire to build more scholarship halls. We all realize their value and need, and applaud them for that effort. ONA has suggested alternate sites for such housing the area near 19th & Stewart Avenue, for example, would be much more appropriate for the size and scope of building KU intends to put up. Parking in an already-overparked neighborhood would not be an issue. What we DO oppose is their deliberate demolition of structurally sound homes in an area quite inappropriate for such large halls. We also oppose their unwarranted decision to ignore a boundary (the alley between Louisiana and Ohio) set by KU in their 1997 Campus Plan.

If one was to envision placing a structure similar to either of the Amini halls on the same site as the homes in the 1300 block of Ohio, it would be evident that such a massive building would overwhelm all other homes surrounding it.

A firm boundary is essential to the stability of ALL neighborhoods bordering KU. If KU is allowed to continue with their disregard for neighborhood integrity, where (and when) will their greediness stop?

Lenette Hamm,


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