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Students fit work into the mix

On-campus employment ranges from dining services to maintenance

August 11, 2001


Some Kansas University students like to find a quiet place to squeeze in some extra study time during the hours between classes.

Not Meghann Fagg. The 20-year-old KU junior from El Dorado would rather spend that time working at a part-time job.

During the spring semester Fagg worked 20 hours a week while carrying a 14-hour class schedule. She found her job through KU's Career and Employment Services, which posts part-time jobs for students.

Now Fagg is the one who handles the postings for that office in her role as student coordinator.

"My family could support me, but I kind of like to do it on my own," she said. "Having a job on campus also helps me to stay focused."

Career and Employment Services posts about 1,500 jobs per year about 1,000 of them are on campus. Hourly pay ranges from the minimum of $5.15 to a high of $12, she said.

Career and Employment Services is not a placement agency.

"We only post the jobs; we don't place anyone," said Gail Rooney, director of Career and Employment Services. "The students can look at them and then make their own application."

The jobs are posted in the office in room 110 in the basement of the Burge Union. Students can also call up the Web site to view job listings.

The types of jobs available cover a wide range, Rooney said. They include on-campus positions, plus jobs at fast-food restaurants, offices and maintenance operations, she said.

"We'll get some from out of town, including the Kansas City area," she said.

The number of jobs available varies, Rooney said, but students looking for new jobs should start early.

Internships available

In addition to jobs, students also can find listings for internships and state government positions.

Career and Employment Services also help students prepare for job interviews and career searches, both during school and upon graduation. The Web site has links to other job research sites on the Internet.

Printed materials are available on subjects such as rmriting and company information. Students can post their rmon the KU Web site.

An on-campus interview schedule lists employers who will visit campus for recruiting.

Career and Employment Services also lists jobs available for undergraduate and graduate students in the Federal Work Study Program. The program provides jobs for students in financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.

The program encourages community service and work related to a student's field of study.

Federal Work Study jobs pay at least minimum wage and higher.

The program designates how many hours each student is allowed to work.

Students must apply to be accepted in the program at the KU Office of Student Financial Aid, 50 Strong Hall.

The Kansas Work Study Program helps students get jobs related to their major field of study. It is not a need-based financial aid program, but if a student is receiving financial aid there may be an earnings limit.

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