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Stringer’s wife talks about lineman’s death

August 11, 2001


— Korey Stringer told his wife the night before he collapsed that he had vomited and couldn't stop sweating. But Kelci Stringer said Korey insisted he was OK.

In an interview with NBC "Today" show host Katie Couric, her first since her husband's death from heatstroke Aug. 1, Stringer didn't lay blame on anyone for her husband's death. She did, however, urge coaches to adjust their training camp schedules to avoid extreme heat.

"I think the routine that they have is OK," she said in her first interview since her husband's death. But she added that it wouldn't inconvenience teams to "change practice times to maybe earlier in the morning or late at night."

The Vikings maintain no one was to blame for Korey Stringer's death, which happened on the second day of camp in stifling humidity and temperatures in the 90s.

Results of an autopsy confirm the lineman died of multiple organ failure due to heatstroke, according to his agent, James Gould.

Kelci Stringer said her husband's death came as a shock because he reported at 335 pounds and said he was in the best shape of his career. She said it was typical of him to trim down before training camp.

She also described the scene at Immanuel St. Joseph's-Mayo Health System in Mankato.

"I went upstairs, and all the coaches were around, and I asked if he was OK, and they told me we lost him. ... And I took a short walk down the hall, turned around and went in and saw him.

"And from that point on, I've had a peace about myself that I can't quite explain. I guess for the first time I realize that this is something I have no control of and I just have to accept it."

Kelci said their 3-year-old son, Kodie, has kept her going.

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