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August 11, 2001


Mom backs Backstreet Boy

The A.J. McLean who entered rehab for alcohol abuse and depression isn't the real A.J. McLean, his mother says.

Denise McLean, the Backstreet Boy's mother, still calls her 23-year-old son "Alex," and recalls that as a little boy, he dreamed of stardom.

"A.J. is the bad boy, crazy boy on stage that ... makes all those pelvic thrusts and does all this stuff to drive the girls crazy," she says in an interview with ABC News' "20/20," which aired Friday. "And A.J. is the one that got the tattoos, and A.J.'s the one that colors his hair for the audience ... and the media and does the shock stuff.

"Alex is ... the complete opposite of that," she says. "Alex is the sweetest ... person ... you could ever imagine."

McLean was released a week ago from the rehab center.

Jeweler: No ring of truth to claim

The chief executive officer of a jewelry company that made wedding rings for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston denies their claim that the firm agreed not to sell similar rings but broke the pact.

"There has never been any type of agreement or contract between Damiani and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston prohibiting or limiting the marketing of the jewelry in question," Guido Damiani, chief executive officer and general manager of Damiani Group, said in a statement.

The couple filed a $50 million lawsuit last month claiming the jeweler had promised not to sell similar rings. The suit said they had designed the rings.

Damiani said the rings were original designs owned by the company.

Como children not in harmony

The children of crooner Perry Como battled over their father's medical care before he died, court records show.

Therese Thibadeau, of Jupiter, also questioned the ability of her older brother, Ronald Como, of Indiana, to be the personal representative of their father's estate, according to Palm Beach County court records.

Ronald Como would not comment to The Palm Beach Post, and the newspaper said it couldn't reach his sister or brother, David Como, of San Francisco.

The 88-year-old Como, famous for such hits as "Catch a Falling Star" and "Papa Loves Mambo," died May 12 at his Jupiter Inlet Colony home. The crooner had suffered from Alzheimer's.

Court records don't list the estate's assets.

Plea helps singer avoid DUI

Country singer Terri Clark lost her license to drive for a year and got six months probation Thursday after pleading guilty to reckless driving.

The probation was part of a plea bargain to reduce the charge from drunken driving.

Clark, 33, was stopped for speeding May 2. The police officer said she had glassy eyes, was talkative and had a hard time keeping her balance.

Clark said she was driving home from a business meeting, and had had "some alcohol" with her dinner. She denied being impaired.

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