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Move forward

August 11, 2001


To the editor:

With all the hubbub about the SLT, I for one thought there were some really significant discussions going on. After all with over 80,000 people in the city and county and hundreds of thousands of cars traveling on K-10 east and west, one would have thought that these high level talks were important.

Now I am rolling on the floor laughing as I read today's Journal-World. A Boulder-based consulting firm did interviews with 30 area residents. PLEASE I had to get a magnifying glass out to make sure I read correctly. Thirty that was not 300 or 3,000 or 30,000.

This is a joke. This trafficway needs to be started and KDOT needs to quit wasting more taxpayer money on studies that involve 30 people who for the most part do not come even close to representing the population of the city or county.

This is time to stop this nonsense and move forward. As one city commissioner was once quoted "you want the bulldozer?" Yes, it is time to bring the dozers in and do what needs to be done.

David Holroyd,


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