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KU facts and figures

August 11, 2001


Online grades

Kansas University now sends its grades out online. Grades are no longer mailed to students (and/or their parents), but instead are accessible on the university's main Web site with a username and password.

The system updates every day at 8 a.m. Advantages: Parents won't catch your grades in the mail and grades are posted as instructors turn them in.

Disadvantages: The system can be difficult for the less computer-saavy, and when too many people use the site, it gets jammed and grades are unattainable.

The spring 2001 semester was the first experience students had with the process.

Lawrence campus enrollment

Undergraduate 18,701

Graduate 6,454


Undergraduate $2,517.50 per year with average class load

Out-of-state $9,120.59

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