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August 5, 2001


Workplace: Women struggle to balance work and family, survey says

Women working on Wall Street are finding it harder to "have it all" than men do, according to a study by Catalyst, a New York-based research group that lobbies for the advancement of women in the corporate world.

Catalyst said it found that more men in the financial services sector have spouses and children than women do.

Of the 838 men and women from seven securities firms who responded to the survey, 67 percent of the women polled said they were married or living with a partner. Fifty percent have children.

But 86 percent of the men who responded said they were married or living with someone; 74 percent said they have children.

The possible reason?

"We heard repeatedly from women that they felt great difficulty balancing their work and family responsibilities," said Marcia Kropf, Catalyst's vice president of research and information services. "We know one in three said they decided to postpone having children to maintain their careers, and 14 percent decided not to have children at all."

Communication: E-mail content builds stress

It's not the quantity of e-mail that generates workplace stress it's the quality, according to Christina Cavanagh, a business professor at The University of Western Ontario in Canada.

After conducting 70 interviews with executives from six industries, Cavanagh found that they felt the most annoying aspect about e-mail was the content.

Of the executives surveyed, 63 percent said they became angry when they received certain kinds of e-mail, including forwarded chain mail, unsolicited marketing information and internal broadcasts. Another 17 percent said they merely were nettled by the messages.

"E-mail has become the most common form for transmission of information and documents in the workplace because of its capability and its availability," Cavanagh said. "However, e-mail as a formal communication channel is only suited to certain types of information exchange, not all."

Motley Fool: Name that company

Based in New Jersey with nearly 60,000 employees in more than 60 nations, I'm a major pharmaceutical concern. I specialize in areas such as arthritis/inflammation, pain management, antibiotics, oncology, ophthalmology and animal health. Agricultural giant Monsanto is my subsidiary. My brands include Nicorette, Nicotrol, Celebrex, Xalatan, Zyvox, Activella, Vagifem, Detrol LA and Rogaine. In my pipeline are drugs for arthritis, acromegaly, hypertension, macular degeneration, sepsis, schizophrenia and Parkinson's. My roots can be traced back to an Italian pharmacist in 1853. I raked in $18 billion in sales in 2000. Who am I?

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