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August 1, 2001


West Bank: Israeli raid kills three Hamas leaders

In the deadliest incident of Mideast conflict in two months, Israeli helicopters fired missiles Tuesday into offices of the militant Hamas movement, killing eight Palestinians, including a senior Hamas leader and two young boys walking on the street outside.

Israel said its second helicopter raid in as many days targeted militants responsible for multiple bomb attacks during the 10 months of fighting.

The main target was Jamal Mansour, 42, a senior Hamas leader in the West Bank who has been arrested repeatedly by the Israelis and the Palestinian Authority.

Israel said Mansour was part of the Hamas leadership responsible for attacks that included the suicide bombing of a Tel Aviv disco that killed 21 Israelis.

Two regional Hamas leaders, Jamal Salim, 41, and Fahim Dawabshe, 32, also were killed.

Poland: Villages flooded; capital spared

At least two more villages fell victim Tuesday to Poland's rain-swollen Vistula River when floodwaters broke through a hastily built sandbag dike in a farming region southeast of Warsaw.

Warsaw was on alert, but a flood wave passed through in the Vistula without causing serious damage to the capital.

Water early Tuesday burst through a sandbag wall along a road near Kamien, about 100 miles south of Warsaw, flooding the villages of Kepa Gostecka and Kepa Solecka.

About 1,500 people already had been evacuated from those villages Monday after the Vistula breached a permanent dike on the river.

Sicily: Mount Etna lava threatens tourist area

Red-hot lava destroyed a cable car station Tuesday and surged over man-made barriers, drawing closer to a popular tourist complex halfway up Mount Etna.

A flow of lava overran two walls of earth and rock erected to protect the complex a hostel and a cluster of restaurants and souvenir stands and was about 165 feet away.

Emergency crews and army bulldozers labored to reinforce the last wall still standing and doused the molten lava with water cannon to cool it off, but hopes of stemming the flow were dimming.

The river of lava had swollen to 495 feet wide by Tuesday, and the temperature of the lava was between 1,922 degrees and 1,994 degrees, according to vulcanologists.

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