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Water hazard

August 1, 2001


To the editor:

It was raining again last Friday, July 27, and on our commute from Lawrence to Topeka, my carpool companion and I noticed that for a road on which people are required to pay an extra toll (I-70), there was an awful lot of water standing on the highway. On this morning, we noticed one spot just east of the Lecompton exit where there was a particularly large pool of water on the road. Just next to that pool, two cars were in the ditch.

Without mentioning these thoughts when I got to work, a co-worker commented that she'd seen more wrecks on I-70 with the recent rains than with all the ice and snow last winter. Then I noticed the article in the Journal World on Saturday about the 14 people who went off the road between Kansas City and Topeka.

Though these casual observations certainly don't add up to a scientific study, it seems to me there are a curious number of coincidences. Now, admittedly, I'm no engineer, and I know people should probably slow down more than they do when rains are heavy, but I also know that I have personally driven on highways that do a better job of shedding water, even in heavy rain. I just don't think it's normal and certainly not safe for such a visibly large volume of water to be standing on a major highway. Especially when you're talking about rains that are lasting only a few hours not days at a time. Toll prices just went up. I hope the powers that be will make good use of those funds.

Amber Fraley,


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