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Paid planners?

August 1, 2001


To the editor:

I have a problem with how the growth in this city is being portrayed. Has anyone besides me noticed that the most enthusiastic pro-growth people are on the south and west sides of town and the people in the older neighborhoods are more reserved in their approach to growth?

I am NOT against growth. Only growth that is ill-thoughtout and puts money into the same pockets. Only growth that is out of balance with the infrastructure. Only growth that is destroying the older neighborhoods and the core of the city.

Come talk to people in my neighborhood. We have watched crack houses and meth houses move in where we never had a problem before. We have watched housing prices skyrocket so that working families cannot afford homes but landlords can. These same landlords can then charge astronomical amounts for rent so that renters have to have numerous people living with them to help defray costs. (Yes, I am aware of the new ordinance but I am also aware of how hard it is to enforce).

We have watched an outflux of families in our older neighborhoods as a result of the two points above so that the neighborhood schools are in jeopardy and hence the very neighborhoods.

What can be done about this? The problem may be complicated but a few straightforward steps can be taken. How about PLANNED growth. Let's follow Horizon 20/20 without making a mockery out of it.

How about making the planning commission a paid position? Who is on the planning commission? The majority are people in various aspects of developing and construction. But if it was a paid position those of us who have nothing to gain except quality of life, instead of millions in our pockets, could afford to take the time to sit on the commission.

Beth Anne Mansur,


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