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Sense for seniors

April 29, 2001


The Cancer Information Service offers some alternative pain-control suggestions along with a couple of helpful resources that you could ask for.

l Relaxation techniques, such as visual concentration and breathing exercises relieve pain by reducing tension in the muscles.

l Biofeedback helps people control their heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension with special machines. Biofeedback is usually used with other pain relief methods.

l Imagery means using your imagination to create mental pictures or situations to reduce pain. The relief can last during imagery and for hours afterward.

l Hypnosis is a trance-like state between sleeping and waking. It can be used to block the awareness of pain or to substitute another feeling for pain.

l Skin stimulation involves applying massage, pressure, vibration, heat, cold and menthol preparations to the skin or near the area of pain to reduce or block the feeling of pain.

l Acupuncture is a widely accepted method of pain relief. Thin needles are inserted into the body at certain points for 15 to 30 minutes. Each point controls the pain sensation of a different part of the body. No discomfort is felt when the needles are in place or removed.

For all of these alternative pain-control treatments, your father will need expert advice and assistance. This certainly is not a do-it-yourself list.

For free copies of the National Cancer Institute booklets "Pain Control: A guide for People with Cancer and Their Families" and "Understanding Pain Control," call the Cancer Information Service at (800) 4-CANCER.

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