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April 29, 2001


The real Kramer runs for mayor

After eight years of Rudy, is New York ready for Kenny?

Kenny Kramer, the real-life inspiration for the "Seinfeld" character that shares his surname, became the Libertarian Party nominee for mayor on Saturday.

"I'm in it to win it," he said.

Kramer, 57, lived across the hall from "Seinfeld" co-creator Larry David, who based the TV character on his neighbor.

Libertarian Party chairman Richard Cooper said the party was ready to stand behind the former stand-up comic.

"We've elected many comedians as mayor of New York," Cooper said. "Why not finally have a professional?"

Motley Crue drummer miffed

Rocker Tommy Lee left court in a huff after his record company agreed over his objections to settle a civil lawsuit only to learn that a jury had decided in their favor.

Lawyers had pushed for the deal with a man who claimed Lee stole the band name Methods of Mayhem from him.

Terms of the settlement Friday were not revealed, but Lee can keep the name. Lawyers for Lee's record company, MCA Records, declined to comment.

Douglas gets humanitarian award

Tough-guy actor Kirk Douglas is being honored for his kinder, gentler side.

The 84-year-old actor is the latest recipient of the "Duke" award from the John Wayne Cancer Institute for special service.

The award honors people who have made lasting contributions to the fight against cancer or have shown "an exceptional humanitarian spirit within the community." Douglas gives speeches throughout the world about democracy and his wife founded a program to restore neglected playgrounds in Los Angeles.

Stallone's driven to perform

Sylvester Stallone plays a veteran race-car driver in the new thriller "Driven," but he wasn't exactly an expert behind the wheel in the beginning.

"I crashed, and I crashed, and I crashed, and I spun out, and I crashed, and then I finally got incredible respect," Stallone said. "Driving a car like this is not like driving your car. Just picture yourself going 100 miles an hour on ice. They're going so fast, they barely have any adhesion to the surface. The car is always floating."

"Driven" opened Friday.

'ER' star couldn't stand scripts

Despite $27 million NBC offered Julianna Margulies to stay on "ER," she said she left the series after six seasons last May for several reasons one of which was the writing.

"By last year, there were 13 series regulars. It just became a show about revolving doors," Margulies said.

"Also, bombs don't go off in emergency rooms. It's where you go to get help when you've been in an explosion. But every two minutes it was exploding."

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