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Old home town - 25 and 100 years ago today

April 29, 2001


In 1976 - The Douglas County Commission approved an unprecedented 36.7 percent increase in its allocation to the county extension service, putting some $30,000 in additional tax funds into the budget which was due to total about $143,000 for the coming year.

Kansas Atty. Gen. Curt Schneider ruled that school districts could set their own policies for transfer students after officials in several districts, including Lawrence, had asked if there were any state precedents on the matter.

In 1901 - On April 29, 1901, the Lawrence Journal noted a comment by saloon smasher Carrie Nation observing: "Mrs. Nation said yesterday the first really cute thing she has yet uttered. When asked if her arrest was for the malicious destruction of property, she said, no, it was for the destruction of malicious property."

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