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April 29, 2001



Four remaining crewmen on sub reprimanded

The four remaining crewmen implicated in the Navy submarine USS Greeneville's fatal collision with a Japanese fishing vessel have been disciplined.

The four were "admonished" Friday by Capt. Tony Cortese, the Greeneville's interim commander, concluding the disciplinary action against those held responsible for the Feb. 9 collision that killed nine Japanese.

Cmdr. Scott Waddle, the submarine skipper, was given a letter of reprimand. He will retire by Oct. 1.

Nine men and boys were killed when the Greeneville rammed and sank the fishing training vessel Ehime Maru in waters off Hawaii.


$12,500 fine waived on overdue book

What may be the city's most overdue library book has made its way back to the library 76 years late.

Earlier this month, Lucille Colamarino returned "The Ruling Passion: Tales of Nature and Human Nature," by Henry van Dyke, to Pittsburgh's Carnegie Library system. Its due date: Nov. 10, 1924.

Based on the 5-cent daily fine for overdue books, the late fee would have been $12,500. But officials recently announced an amnesty period, saying they would waive fines on overdue books. Colamarino said she found the book among dozens her father left in his house when he died.

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