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April 29, 2001


Washington, D.C.

Ex-stripper says accused spy was her 'personal angel'

A former stripper says Robert Hanssen, the ex-FBI agent accused of spying for Moscow, showered her with gifts and wanted nothing in return except to bring her closer to God, The Washington Post reports.

Priscilla Sue Galey, now destitute in Columbus, Ohio, said Hanssen took her to Hong Kong and gave her a Mercedes, fine jewelry, cash and more, after they met in 1990.

He was a devoted family man and devout Roman Catholic who would not even let her hug him, she said in a story in today's editions of the Post. "I thought he was my own personal angel."

The Post said Galey, 43, now is addicted to crack cocaine. She said her relationship with Hanssen trailed off in 1992. Law enforcement and intelligence officers said previously that Hanssen had befriended and supported a dancer from a strip club. In the interview, Galey said Hanssen told her the money he was giving her came from an inheritance.

Investigators have been trying to trace nearly $600,000 in cash and diamonds Hanssen is alleged to have received for spying for Russia and the Soviet Union over 15 years.


James Madison's slaves' descendants meet

During the course of his lifetime, James Madison owned more than 100 slaves who worked as cooks, carpenters and brick masons at Montpelier, his family estate in central Virginia.

This weekend, their descendants met for the first time to swap stories passed down through the generations.

Former Virginia Gov. L. Douglas Wilder gave a keynote address to a few dozen descendants who gathered at Montpelier.

"For many years there was a reluctance to discuss slavery," said Michael Quinn, president of the Montpelier Foundation, which operates the estate. "But more and more, people are coming forward and introducing themselves to us as descendants of Madison's slaves."

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