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Firearms seasons

April 29, 2001


Commissioners approved a fall turkey season which, unlike previous years, combines archery and firearms seasons.

Two-hundred permits are authorized for Unit 1 (northwest Kansas; application deadline Aug. 10). Unit 2 was split into Unit 2 (northeast and southeast Kansas) and a new Unit 3 (southcentral Kansas).

An unlimited number of permits are available in units 2 and 3, and a second tag will be available in Unit 2. Either archery or firearms equipment may be used during the fall turkey season, which will run from Oct. 1-Nov. 27 and Dec. 11-31.

Antelope hunting units were increased in size from the 2000 season, and antelope units now coincide with boundaries for deer management units 2, 17, and 18. A muzzleloader season was added to the traditional archery and firearms antelope seasons.

A total of 140 firearms permits and 38 muzzleloader permits are authorized for the three units. Application deadline for firearms and muzzleloader permits is June 8. Unlimited archery permits are available, and archery permits may be purchased through Sept. 29.

Season dates are Sept. 22-30 for archery hunting, Oct. 5-8 for firearms hunting, and Oct. 1-8 for muzzleloader hunting.

Elk hunting unit boundaries were altered to coincide with deer management units 8, 8a (Fort Riley), and 9. Elk hunters will continue to be allowed to hunt during any open season with equipment legal for that season.

An unlimited number of Hunt-Own-Land antlerless-only elk permits were authorized during any open season off Fort Riley. Season dates off Fort Riley are Oct. 1-Nov. 27 and Dec. 10-31 for archery hunters; Sept. 1-30 for muzzleloader hunters; and Nov. 28-Dec. 9 and Jan. 1-March 15 for firearms hunters.

On Fort Riley, the seasons would again be split into three segments -- Oct. 1-31, Nov. 1-30, and Dec. 1-31.

Among the deer-hunting changes are:

l Resident hunters will be able to purchase Whitetail Either-Sex permits at any time through the season, rather than applying by mid-July as in previous years.

l Firearms permits for white-tailed deer may be used during both the regular firearms season and the muzzleloader-only season, with equipment legal for those seasons.

l Hunters may purchase up to four deer game tags (white-tailed antlerless-only) without having to obtain a deer permit as a prerequisite to that purchase.

l As in recent years, hunters will be limited to no more than one antlered deer permit per hunter. Application deadline is May 31 for all categories of nonresident deer permits, and July 13 for resident Any Deer firearms and muzzleloader permits. All other types of deer permits may be purchased through Jan. 12, 2002.

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