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Action criticized

April 29, 2001


To the editor:

When the Watkins Scholarship Hall proctor situation was reported in the University Daily Kansan, a student said that a Housing Department official had expressed "concern" with Kaili Kuiper's involvement in the students' lawsuit against Bank of America. Now, Housing Department officials say that their overturn of the residents' selection of Ms. Kuiper as proctor has nothing to do with the lawsuit. Give us a break.

On behalf of the 300 alumnae members of the Committee for the Preservation of Watkins and Miller Scholarship Halls at KU, we want to express our disappointment in our alma mater. We are appalled that some officials apparently feel they must resort to the use of intimidation tactics against students who are standing up for a trust they believe has been mishandled (and that, ironically, was endowed by KU's greatest benefactor).

It is interesting that these tactics have escalated as the students have continued to win key victories in court, with the judge raising some of the same questions about the trust's management, including declining income and lack of accounting. It is also interesting that rather than talk with the students about their simple requests, Bank of America has dropped settlement talks and hired one of the top 50 law firms in America to fight the students. These actions only reinforce the nagging question, What are KU and Bank of America trying to hide?

Now, in addition to helping the students raise their legal fees, alumnae are raising money to provide a scholarship to Kaili Kuiper to compensate her for the job she rightfully earned but was denied, in apparent punishment by KU for challenging Bank of America.

Julie Mettenburg, Lawrence; Jennifer Chang, Washington, D.C.; Eileen Van Kirk, Blue Spring, Mo.; and three other Watkins and Miller Alumnae.

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