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KU crisis?

April 25, 2001


To the editor:

Wondering why all those moving vans are rolling off Mount Oread? According to Chancellor Hemenway in an article published in the Journal World, April 11, they're the creme de la creme of KU professors headin' for greener pastures. They can't make it in Lawrence on the pittance the state of Kansas pays 'em, so they're bein' lured away by all them rich schools out of state. Why, I've heard it whispered there are so few good professors left at KU that undergrad courses are being taught by graduate students. Can you imagine such a thing?

What'll stop the tide? Hemenway says, a tax hike, that's what! Don't know 'bout you, but you can sign me up for that baby. I've also heard a rumor that good ole Roy has offered to make up the 6 percent increase the faculty wants out of his own hide.

Or is this all a ruse? Are the best professors really being lured away, Mr. Hemenway? Perhaps you'd care to name a couple.

Don't know 'bout your neighborhood, but in the past two years, three KU professors have moved into mine, at least two of 'em are scientists this during the height of the debate over evolution.

The only moving vans I see leaving Kansas en mass are those carrying the belongings of employees of the Menniger Clinic, a national treasure, rollin' south to the green hills of Texas. Where was Mr. Hemenway on that one? Perhaps he was too busy wandering down the yellow brick road.

Preston Ransone,


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