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Kid Rock ‘getting to know’ Pamela Anderson

April 25, 2001


— Kid Rock has a new acquaintance, and she's as high-profile as they come.

The Detroit rock star talked this week about his budding relationship with actress-model Pamela Anderson.

"We're just friends and we enjoy each other's company," he told the Detroit Free Press. "We're just getting to know each other right now."

The two met at VH-1's April 10 tribute to Aretha Franklin in New York, where Rock says they discussed her possibly appearing in his next video, a "hot car, hot girl" homage called "American Beauty."

Asked to confirm that Anderson was in Detroit this weekend, he said, "No comment."

Rock and model James King split up last fall. He denied recent reports romantically linking him to rocker Sheryl Crow. "We just made music together," he said.

Anderson, who lives in Los Angeles, is best known for her rocky relationship with drummer Tommy Lee, her former husband.

Rock said he and Anderson share traits. "We've got a lot in common we have kids, we have the same media-madness frenzy around us," he said. "We understand each other a lot in that sense."

Friends have caught that vibe, he said.

"She's so down-to-earth," he said. "People say, 'I can see you two getting along you're both so nice.' "

Rock's profile has risen sharply in the last two years thanks to his musical success, his guest appearances on such shows as "Saturday Night Live" and his supporting appearance in the new film "Joe Dirt."

He said he's lapping up the attention and understands that any romance with tabloid-fave Anderson will only intensify the media microscope. He said he "knew the day would come when I'd start having trouble going to my son's soccer games."

The multiplatinum success of 1997's "Devil Without a Cause" also intimidated Rock as he began preparing tracks for his next album, now tentatively scheduled for a fall release.

"I was scared going into this album," he said. "I honestly thought about quitting like (Michael) Jordan, and going out on top."

That didn't happen, and Rock is now cutting tracks at his new studio with Detroit producer Al Sutton. Studio guests have included rocker Crow and legendary Atlantic Records head honcho Ahmet Ertegun, and Rock says rapper Eminem will be collaborating on a track.

"It's so good. It's going to kill 'Devil,' " he said. "It's got a little something of everything. Everybody (in the band) is playing so well from being out on the road."

Rock said the creative juices are gushing at the studio, dubbed the Chophouse. Saturday night featured an all-star jam session with Hank Williams Jr., Bob Seger, saxophonist Alto Reed and Rock's Twisted Brown Trucker band.

"We had a drinking session," he says, "then everyone started swapping instruments."

Gone are the days, Rock said, when he could meet potential love interests the old-fashioned way.

"It's hard to just meet a girl at the bar," he said. "You can't explain this life to them without sounding cocky."

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