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Find a cure for late-night hunger

April 25, 2001


It's 1 a.m. and you have the munchies.

Whether the craving is for a burrito, pizza, pancakes, hamburgers or doughnuts, several Lawrence restaurants offer a cure during the wee hours.

Tristan Helton of Lawrence said his favorite late-night eatery is "the King, of course. Where else can you get a pound burrito for less than $3? You can't beat it."

That's "King" as in Burrito King, 900 Ill., which serves big burritos, chicken nachos and more at cheap prices from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. However, Burrito King owner Margarita Zuniga said most of her business comes after 1 a.m. when the bars in Lawrence begin to close.

Burrito King isn't the only business that profits from those awake and hungry late at night.

Pizza Shuttle and Perkins Restaurant also get a lot of orders after the local taverns shut down.

Pizza Shuttle, 1601 W. 23rd St., is well known for its "two-fer" specials two pizzas, two toppings and two drinks for $10.25. In addition to standard pizza fare, it offers toppings such as cream cheese, barbecue sauce and picante sauce.

Fast-food junkies can drive through late at Amigos-A&W; Express, 701 W. 23rd St., or Taco Bell, 1408 W. 23rd St. and 1220 W. Sixth St.

Alexae Noyses, Lawrence, recommends the Mexican fries at Amigos.

"They are like spicy tater tots," he said. "They're the best."

Those looking for a place to study or gather with friends for pancakes or a burger pick Perkins Restaurant open 24 hours at 1711 W. 23rd St. Journal-World readers recently picked it as the best place to get a late-night meal.

Other chains that are open 24 hours are the International House of Pancakes, 3102 Iowa, and Steak n Shake, 3111 Nieder Road.

Munchers Bakery, 925 Iowa, hits the sweet-tooth spot.

"My friends and I go there quite frequently," Lawrence resident Debra Tyner said. "We really like the cheesecake and sticky buns."

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