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Bad bus idea

April 25, 2001


To the editor:

The editorial of Sunday, April 23, expressed the notion that a bus terminal at the old Santa Fe train station was a good idea. I suppose it is a good idea if you are one of those citizens of Lawrence that tends to forget that East Lawrence is a residential area. The proposed bus terminal would significantly lower the value of life in the area of East Lawrence surrounding the terminal not to mention lowering the value of our property.

Not only will there be an increase of traffic due to large vehicles (buses) but there would also be an increase of pollution. All of us know that city buses and Greyhound buses produce smelly exhaust. They are also loud and ugly.

Our property is within sight of the proposed terminal. We were attracted to the property because it is on a quiet end of New York Street and gives us a view of the woods that run along the river. We have spent a great deal of time and money in making our yard a hospitable place to sit and relax. The stench and noise of the buses would make this relaxation impossible.

We were not consulted about placing the bus terminal practically in our back yard. We had no idea it might happen until the president of our neighborhood association told us she had sent a favorable letter to the planning commission concerning the terminal. I can only believe that those who do not live in East Lawrence have once again looked down their noses at those of us who do.

I cannot imagine that anyone would consider placing this terminal in Old West Lawrence no matter how convenient the location for both bus patrons and traffic flow. But, we consider our neighborhood just as important. Not only would the bus terminal be a bad idea but it would also be an insult. I urge city officials to reconsider.

Gina Rose,


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