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100-year-old issue

April 25, 2001


To the editor:

On April 12, 1901, the Lawrence Journal told of a "burning shame" that needed to be corrected noting "There is one road that is of more importance than any other, one that is part in the country and part in the city, that should have immediate attention, and should be made one of the best thoroughfares."

Now then, in 2101 will an article appear and refer to the SLT in this same manner? As a matter of fact, not one person reading this current letter to the editor will ever know, unless you have some mighty fine genes to carry you forward!

The road in question in 1901 was: The cemetery road!

Isn't it strange that 100 years later, 13th Street from Haskell and turning into Oak Hill, leading to the cemetery is still nothing to brag about.

All this talk of saving old neighborhoods, preservation, pride and the same blah, blah, that goes on, the road to the cemetery is still not much to brag about.

This letter serves as a direct challenge to the current city commission and city staff to take every means possible to improve this road with new curbs, new pavement, sidewalks, decent street lighting and some landscaping.

Quite frankly, I am surprised that the local funeral homes have never questioned this road. In just a few weeks, there will be more visitors to Oak Hill, and wouldn't it be nice next year for Memorial Day to have significant improvements to 13th starting at Haskell and Oak Hill?

To Mayor Rundle and the present city commission, can we the taxpayers and citizens of Lawrence depend on you to take the lead to make this street something of pride for out-of-town visitors to Oak Hill, for the local residents who visit the cemetery and also, for the many residents of the surrounding neighborhood that the street leads into?

Your action will be cautiously awaited!

David Holroyd,


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