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Save projects

April 23, 2001


To the editor:

I am a student at Oskaloosa High School, and I am writing this letter in concern of the cancellation of the senior projects. I feel that canceling the senior projects is wrong and that it should be reinstated.

To cancel something so quickly and suddenly has been very confusing and upsetting to the OHS students.

The senior project helped students stand out when applying for college and various scholarships. By completing the senior project, students are able to prove the knowledge they've acquired over the past 12 years. It lets the seniors explore something new or something that interests them.

Diplomas will not mean as much to the 2002 seniors as they did the 2001 seniors. To accomplish such a great feat shows intelligence, talent and hard work. To keep this a graduation requirement is a must; it is an incentive to make the kids want to finish the project. Even the students who do not like school and do not like to be told what to do, get to work on this and talk about something that interests them.

A few of my classmates are surprised that I want to write this letter. They feel the same way I do, but because I don't always try my hardest, my position on this has astonished them. I want the senior project to be reinstated because it gives me some freedom and it makes me feel like I have a choice about what I am doing.

Matt Faler,


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