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Livable community

April 23, 2001


To the editor:

I have followed the "Growth of Lawrence" articles, and I am thrilled to see this topic get some intensive press. The LJW is doing this community a great service by raising all these questions. I hope you will also spend sometime on providing ideas and answers.

I know in the past you have covered the CoHousing neighborhood that is developing at 12th and Delaware. I see the development of new and renovated housing in the center of Lawrence to be a truly promising indicator of Lawrence's commitment to growing intelligently. This neighborhood offers Lawrence a model of development that does not eat up large amounts of land, reduces the need for car travel, increases the importance of human interaction, and allows for a mixed economic neighborhood.

As Lawrence grows the affiliation we feel with our particular neighborhood will become more important. We need to plan neighborhoods that support connection with the larger Lawrence community while they maintain an internal vitality. We need neighborhoods that feel comfortable for citizens from a wide variety of ages, cultures, and economic backgrounds. The future of Lawrence should include the continuing development of a variety of interesting, vibrant, and diverse neighborhoods.

I appreciate LJW's continuing attention to how Lawrence handles the challenges of maintaining the livability of our community.

Beth Roberts,


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