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Caring citizen

April 22, 2001


To the editor:

Lawrence citizens were appalled to see that vandals had struck at the elderly citizens through damaging the Douglas County Senior Services buses. We have friends who ride the buses and who have them as their only means of caring for their transportation needs.

What kind of satisfaction could this vandalism have possibly given the perpetrators? What could a community have done differently to have developed these vandals into loving, caring people, instead of the grievous hate-filled people they have become?

Let's spend a little time on the good guys.

Ralph Nadar did not make the list of one of the world's most influential people for whom we should be praying, but nationally, he is highly regarded by those who are trying to help the world maintain a sustainable future. When we went to seek vouchers to attend his lecture here at the Lied Center, we discovered they were sold out. We waited in line with others in hopes some no-shows would still make it possible for us to enter.

I don't know how many were in line ahead of us, but as we waited, a gentleman approached from the east. Before entering the building, he paused and looked our way. He walked back to us and handed us his tickets, "You need to get in out of this wind and chill," he said simply. Then he walked on to the end of the line to take his chances with other non-ticket holders.

I was moved almost to the point of tears, not because we could now hear Ralph Nadar, but because I was thinking, "This is when a community succeeds, when we develop citizens who have loving, caring natures beyond their own needs."

Mary Siegrist,


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