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Growing ‘smartly’

April 17, 2001


To the editor:

One of the fascinating characteristics of Lawrence is our willingness to examine the quality of life in our city and ask ourselves how we can improve it. I applaud the role the Journal-World is taking through the current series of articles on the growth of Lawrence.

Mark Fagan and Richard Brack said that "there's less of the small-town feel that attracted us to Lawrence in the first place." With the Lawrence population over 80,000 and area over 28 square miles, it is easy to agree with them. The concern about the nature of our growth is very important to all of us and I welcome this in-depth discussion in all the ways that the Journal-World has set up.

Some of the same concerns are addressed in the cohousing project which is being developed at Delaware Street Commons by the families who will live there. Cohousing neighborhoods have proven to be a successful mainstream housing option since the first one in the United States was completed in 1991. Strong relationships with the larger community, concern for environmental sustainability, and the unique balance of individual home ownership and shared common resources are characteristics of cohousing communities and will be part of Delaware Street Commons.

When we first considered looking for a site for our neighborhood, we asked ourselves where we wanted to be in Lawrence/Douglas County. Each one of us wanted to be in Lawrence and ultimately chose a site with 3.25 acres on Delaware Street between 12th and 13th streets.

We want to be a neighborhood within the larger neighborhood of East Lawrence. We like the fact that we will be able to walk to Massachusetts Street which is the heart of Lawrence. We know that placing our neighborhood in an establish section of the city, we utilize land already dedicated to residential use complete with utilities and transportation. We are doing our part to grow "smartly" with Lawrence. We are working to keep the small town feel in Lawrence.

Marjorie Wholey,


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