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Local, state services available for unemployed

Workforce center provides rmelp

April 6, 2001


If you're laid off and you need help finding another job, the Lawrence Workforce Center is ready to help.

"You don't have to have an appointment, just come in," said center manager Cheryl White.

The center, which recently moved to 2540 Iowa, is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you have a rmsomeone at the center will show you how to post it on the Internet, letting employers know you're available. You'll also have the option of searching several Web sites that employers use to find workers.

If you don't have a rmsomeone will you help put one together. They'll print a bunch of copies, too.

If you haven't figured out what you'd like to be doing, someone will counsel you.

You're free to use one of the office's computers, telephones, photocopiers and fax machine.

"There is no charge for any service a person receives here," White said.

The center also serves as an entryway to a variety of job training programs available through either the state or nonprofit organizations.

"The job-training kinds of things that are available tend to run the full gamut," said Kathy Ketcham, director of marketing and communications at the Kansas Department of Human Resources.

Ketcham said, "Generally, we don't fund academic kinds of things like if you want to go to college but there are lots of vocational-type things available."

The Department of Human Resources does not run the Lawrence Workforce Center; instead, it coordinates its services with those offered by area nonprofit programs.

"We've gone to a one-stop-shopping approach," Ketcham said.

Participating programs include Heartland Works, Kansas Legal Services, JobLink, Goodwill Industries and the Older Kansans Employment Program.

Special services are available for veterans and migrant workers.

During previous recessions, laid-off workers went to Department of Human Re-sources offices to apply for unemployment benefits.

That's now changed. The department still administers unemployment benefits, but the application process is handled only over the telephone.

The Lawrence Workforce Center will answer questions about the process and let you use one of its telephones, but you will be responsible for making the call.

Lawrence-area applicants have the option of calling the department's toll-free number, (800) 292-633, or its Topeka office, (785) 575-1460.

Before you apply, you're encouraged to have ready your Social Security number; driver's license number; current mailing address; the names and addresses of your employers for the past 18 months; and the dates you worked for these employers.

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