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Eudora’s population lower than city estimated on sign

April 6, 2001


— Signs welcoming motorists to Eudora claim the city's population is 6,300 and growing. According to the latest reports from the 2000 census, Eudora is growing, but its population in nowhere near 6,300.

The U.S. Census Bureau released figures March 13, showing Eudora's population at 4,307. In 1990, the city's population was recorded at 3,006. Eudora had the highest percentage of change in Douglas County, the census said.

New construction played an obvious part in Eudora's growth. The trend is continuing. City building inspector Rick Treas said 58 permits were issued for new homes in 2000 and four for duplexes.

Much of Eudora's growth was due to an increase of whites, making up 94.9 percent of the population with 4,086 people, up from 2,911 in 1990. Hispanics made up 2.4 percent of the city's population with 103 people, jumping from 61. Blacks made up 0.7 percent of the population with 30 people, up from 1990's figure of nine. The number of Asians also increased from five in 1990 to 21 in 2000.

The number of American Indian and Alaska Natives remained nearly unchanged, down one from 1990's number of 64 people.

Mayor Fred Steward said the numbers would aid the city with future planning. As for the signs touting population, Stewart said they were put up two years ago. Because the city had no official record then, Steward said a formula was devised and the number was estimated.

The mayor explained that city officials took the number of electric bills sent out by the city and multiplied that number by three the size of the average household. Using that formula, the city arrived at the 6,300 figure.

"Since the census numbers have come out, we'll change it," Stewart said.

Eudora City Clerk Donna Oleson said as of March 22, the numbers had not officially been brought to the city. However, she said the numbers seem to be on the low side.

"I found it very hard to believe," Oleson said. "There's just been so much growth, I guess we'll just have to go by what the census tells us.

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