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Sports deja vu

April 4, 2001


To the editor:

About a month ago I wrote a letter to the editor lambasting the University of Kansas for dropping two sports to keep things afloat, saying they should have seen it coming. Then I bragged about iowa State as we didn't seem to have that problem, and maybe Kansas should come up here and take lessons.

I am glad you didn't as the trip would have been a wasted one. Iowa State just announced they, too, are dropping swimming and men's baseball to make ends meet. They, too, should have seen it coming.

I apologize to the University of Kansas for having my head where it should not have been. I am curious, however, as both our football and basketball coaches have received substantial raises recently. I wonder if we are robbing Peter to pay Paul. I am not sorry for picking on KU, just the comment on who you should emulate. By the way, good job in the ncaa tournament. You did the conference proud.

Jack Hoover,

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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