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KU to start putting students’ grades online

April 4, 2001


Kansas University grade cards will meet the Internet age this May.

For the first time, KU students can access their grades online instead of receiving grade reports in the mail.

The change will allow students to see their grades the day after a professor turns them in. Before, it took 11 to 14 days for students to receive written grades.

"You'll check it every day to see what your grades are," said Clinton Pfalser, a Caney junior.

The online system also will cut down on work for the registrar's office. In some semesters, 10 percent of reports were returned because of incorrect addresses.

Richard Morrell, university registrar, said one of the main concerns about moving to the new system was whether printed grade reports would be sufficient to prove grades to prospective employers and insurance companies for good-student driving discounts.

"We've purposely designed the screen similar to the hard copy they used to get," he said. "Most people who need (grades) can take it."

Students will need an ID number, which they can obtain at /services.

Students still will have the option of receiving a "hard copy" of their grades if they turn in a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the registrar's office before finals end.

The state's five other public universities already have online grade-posting.

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