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Court denies DNA request in murder case

April 2, 2001


— A man convicted of murdering his wife lost a bid to have a second round of DNA evidence testing.

Johnson County District Judge James Franklin Davis issued the ruling Friday, saying Kenneth E. Haddock and his lawyers "failed to show the court how a result in his favor would have in any way changed the outcome of his trial."

In October 1993, a jury found Haddock, 55, of Olathe, guilty of first-degree murder in the 1992 beating death of his wife, Barbara Haddock. The couple's teen-age daughter found her underneath a pile of logs in the garage. Investigators said the killer may have tried to make her death look like an accident.

Prosecutors used the DNA technology of the time to test two hairs that were found in Barbara Haddock's hand. The prosecution's expert found that part of the sample was consistent with Kenneth Haddock's blood type.

Haddock's attorneys say more definitive testing methods are available today. And a witness for the defense testified earlier this year that a third person's DNA also could have been present.

Haddock, who is serving a life sentence, also was seeking DNA testing on scrapings taken from his wife's fingernails and on a pair of glasses found near the body that he says did not belong to him or his wife.

According to trial testimony, Barbara Haddock's blood was found on Kenneth Haddock's shoes and pants and he had several fresh scratches on his hands.

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