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Old Home Town - 25, 40, and 100 years ago today

September 28, 2000


In 1975 - Earlier lobbying by local officials and pressure from Congress were rewarded with announcement of final Coast Guard approval of a permit for a new Kansas River bridge project in downtown Lawrence. There was hope work might begin yet this year to replace the rapidly deteriorating old bridge.

In 1960 - Six Lawrence High students, past and present, were in the semifinals of the National Merit Scholarship competition John Maloney, Carol Rose, Robert Shenk, Jeffrey Shook, Susan Smith and James Wortham.

In 1900 - On Sept. 28, 1900, the Lawrence World noted: "There is a great big complaint coming from the students at the High School because there has been no fire during the damp cold days and today the World positively knows of students whose parents kept them at home rather than have them sit in a cold room. It is said that the furnace is burnt out and will have to be replaced and that the board of education was aware of the fact several months ago. Such matters as this should not be delayed."

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