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September 28, 2000


Kansas Republicans need to put their differences aside if they hope to elect a GOP representative in the 3rd District.

Are Kansas Republicans specifically those living in the 3rd Congressional District going to shoot themselves in the foot again, or are they going to get their act together and present a united challenge to U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore's bid for a second term in Congress?

A united Republican Party would have a good chance of winning the upcoming election and sending former Kansas legislator Phill Kline to Washington. Republicans outnumber Democrats in the 3rd District, but a severe split within the party two years ago allowed Moore to win that election.

The division between the conservative, moderate and liberal Republicans runs deep and is sometimes bitter. Some Republicans sat on their hands in the last election and would not vote for the GOP incumbent, Vince Snowbarger; a number of Republicans chose to show their anger and stubbornness by voting for Moore.

Now, two years later, a few of these people are giving nothing more than lip service to Kline and are not enthusiastic in their endorsements. Nor have they been willing to work for Kline's election.

Apparently some of those in this category would rather have Moore return to Washington, where he is an ally of Democratic House leader Richard Gephardt of Missouri and could be expected to support the major planks of a Gore presidency if the vice president moves into the White House.

It's easy for a Democrat running for a Kansas congressional seat to speak one way when he is campaigning in Kansas but vote another way when he or she is in Washington. This is the case with Moore, but apparently some top Republicans in Johnson County, some of whom were put in state office due to the support of Johnson County and Douglas County Republicans, refuse to give enthusiastic support to Kline and are unwilling to work for his election.

Politics often brings out strange and ugly traits in individuals, and this seems to be the case with some Republican leaders in Johnson County as well as Topeka.

Will such narrow thinking again result in Moore being returned to Washington to fall in step with Gephardt and other Democratic leaders who favor more and bigger government control of all facets of our daily activities?

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