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County discovers meth lab

September 28, 2000


— A methamphetamine laboratory hidden in a wooded area in rural Rice County was found by Sheriff's deputies investigating an earlier discovery of a meth lab in Hutchinson.

A 1,000-gallon tank of anhydrous ammonia, an ingredient in making meth, was found Monday along with 11 smaller tanks, authorities said. The larger tank had been stolen several months ago from Mid Kansas Co-op in Groveland.

The smaller tanks were likely used to transport the anhydrous ammonia to another location, said David Miller, a detective on the Reno County Drug Task Force.

"I've never seen anything like this before. This is very rare," Miller said. "Most of the people who are stealing anhydrous ammonia are taking tanks no bigger than a thermos. It doesn't take much anhydrous ammonia to make meth. A tank this large could produce an unlimited supply."

The tanks were hidden under a tarp and a cover of broken tree limbs in a wooded area in Rice County.

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