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September 24, 2000


Art books feature foldout posters

New York (ap) Rizzoli has launched a series of art books, each of which features several color foldouts of an artist's works.

The first two volumes in the "Quadrifolio" series are "Vincent van Gogh" and "Michelangelo: The Sistine Chapel."

The "Van Gogh" book features 16 foldout reproductions that measure 20 inches by 22 inches. Works include self-portraits, "Irises" and "Starry Night." "Michelangelo" also features 16 foldouts, including gatefolds that measure nearly 40 inches across. Among its masterpieces are a full view of the chapel and details from "The Last Judgment."

The books are published in hardcover at $35 each. Similar volumes featuring the works of Klimt and Caravaggio are planned for spring 2001.

And write, one, two, three, write

New York (ap) Finally, a book of exercises you can do sitting down.

But there's a catch the exercises are for writers. And the sweat they produce comes from brain-wracking for just the right word, phrase or idea to put on paper.

In her book, "A Writer's Workbook," Caroline Sharp offers suggestions, observations and daily exercises to help writers stay in shape.

Some tips for getting creativity flowing include:

Write a story, poem or play in the style of a writer you admire.

Review a movie, book, concert or museum exhibit.

The book is published by St. Martin's Press in hardcover at $22.95.

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