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Spiritual issues

September 23, 2000


To the editor:

Patrick Glynn has recently published a book entitled: "God, The Evidence," summarizing some of the scientific results which have proved that God is. Mr. Glynn is a Harvard Ph.D., a scholar in residence at George Washington University. There are hundreds of objective scientific studies whose data confirm predictions from spiritual hypotheses, enhancing the plausibility of those hypotheses, and helping us understand them.

To ignore all these data, and argue from "reason," "definition," "legitimacy," or the opinion of the majority of scientists that science cannot do what is obviously being done every day, is the epitome of anti-science. To paraphrase Robert Speth's interesting letter (Sept. 12), "It is difficult to imagine why (scientific) professionals would be so traitorous to their profession."

At issue is the question: "Do spiritual beings influence material events?" Are we having a drought because we angered God when we voted evolution back into our schools? Are we seeing violence and problems in public schools because we are not praying and so are letting demons run rampant there? Does Kansas University have a crummy football team because it does not honor God? Are we close-minded and angered by questions like these because demons are controlling our minds?

To presuppose that these questions are unscientific and unanswerable is an arrogant and stupid choice. Do we want these problems solved or not? If there are spiritual factors influencing what is happening all around us, and if scientific studies are helping us get a grip on what (or who) those factors are and how they are operating, we cannot afford to disregard them. I do not expect Kansans will, for very long.

Stephen Fretwell,


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