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Show inherits the lightning; production stopped

September 23, 2000


The show didn't go on Friday night at Lawrence Community Theatre, 1501 N.H.

An apparent lightning strike of a nearby utility pole knocked out power to the theater during the intermission of "Inherit the Wind," a play based on the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial, which found a Tennessee high school teacher in violation of a law forbidding the teaching of evolution.

Power surges during the first act caused loud intermittent buzzes and the air-conditioning to shut down, according to artistic/managing director Mary Doveton. Many in the audience wondered if the air-conditioning had been cut on purpose to create the environment of the 97-degree Tennessee courtroom where much of the play's action took place.

Audience members sat in the dark or stood outside the theater in the breeze for about 20 minutes before Doveton announced that Friday's performance would have to be canceled. Complimentary tickets to any of the remaining performances of "Inherit the Wind" are being offered to audience members. They can call the theater at 843-7469.

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