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Packaging waste

September 23, 2000


To the editor:

A major subject of complaint these days, both in the media and in the political campaign, is the high cost of medications. I wish to address the subject of packaging, and specifically that of over-the-counter medical products.

The one I am supposed to use comes in a well-styled cardboard box, which contains foil pouches, which contain ampules of the product in question, all neatly sealed and joined to a row of others, which the user must separate and then twist off the top of the one to be used, which is supposed to be used only once and then discarded.

Since other products meant for the same purpose come in tiny bottles which become dispensers when the cap is removed and which can then be used again by the patient and presumably kept from use by other persons, we are dealing with excessive packaging in the first case, which is very prevalent and which is becoming even more so.

What does it take to provide products safely sterilized? There are cost hikes involved in this wasteful packaging, which cannot be necessary in all cases.

Beverly Boyd,


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