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NFL Picks

September 23, 2000


Washington (pick 'em) at New York Giants

The Giants are at the top of their game, the Redskins at the bottom of theirs. New York fits the rule that a team not good enough to start 4-0 usually doesn't. Still ...

GIANTS, 26-20

Jacksonville (plus 31/2) at Indianapolis (Monday night)

The Colts had a bye week to recover from blowing a 17-point lead at home to the Raiders.


JAGUARS, 41-38

St. Louis (minus 61/2) at Atlanta

The Rams have scored 30 in nine straight games, but they still can't stop anyone.

RAMS, 51-40

San Francisco (plus 61/2) at Dallas

Not so many years ago, these two dominated the NFC.

Times change.

COWBOYS, 31-20

Green Bay (plus 1) at Arizona

Not so many years ago, Green Bay dominated the NFC.



Tennessee (minus 7) at Pittsburgh

Not so many years ago ... well, you get the picture.

TITANS, 20-3

Kansas City (plus 7) at Denver

The Chiefs had a breather last week in an otherwise brutal opening month.

BRONCOS, 24-20

New England (plus 41/2) at Miami

The Dolphins haven't allowed a touchdown at home so far this season.


Cincinnati (plus 111/2 ) at Baltimore

In three-plus NFL seasons, Priest Holmes has run for 1,712 yards 459, or nearly 27 percent, against the Bengals.

Jamal Lewis starts instead but no matter.

RAVENS, 24-3

Detroit (plus 11/2) at Chicago

The Bears are definitely better than their record indicates. And they're due.

BEARS, 20-14

Cleveland (plus 101/2) at Oakland

The Browns start playing real NFL teams now.

RAIDERS, 31-10

Seattle (minus 21/2) at San Diego

Back to on-the-job training for the Chargers.

How do you spell R(e) Leaf?


Philadelphia (plus 11/2) at New Orleans

Remember that game a long time ago when Duce Staley ran for 201 yards?

And Philadelphia defeated Dallas, 41-14?

SAINTS, 41-14

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