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Fund-raiser guest stirs 3rd District pot

President to attend Moore function; Kline labels appearance as payback

September 23, 2000


— U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore has spent his re-election campaign telling voters in the 3rd Congressional District that he's independent of President Clinton and other Democratic leaders.

But Clinton is listed as the guest of honor for a Washington fund-raising event for Moore, sponsored by 10 Democratic congressmen and U.S. Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman.

The event is scheduled for Oct. 2 at the Frederick Douglass Museum, near the Capitol in Washington. The invitation requests $1,000 donations to Moore's campaign from individuals and $5,000 contributions from political action committees.

His GOP challenger, state Rep. Phill Kline, portrayed the event as payback for loyalty to Clinton by Moore, who Moore's appeals to independent and moderate Republican voters.

Republicans believe they can beat Moore if 3rd District voters perceive him as too close to Clinton and other Democratic leaders.

Moore spokeswoman Kim Hall suggested Clinton is attending the fund-raiser because he admires the congressman's independence and ability to forge bipartisan coalitions on issues.

"I think the president is being very gracious in light of the independence Congressman Moore has shown in Congress," Hall said.

Kline laughed at those statements.

"It's a payback for Dennis Moore for carrying the president's agenda," Kline said, adding that Clinton "doesn't show up for people who don't support his agenda."

For Moore to be successful, he must attract a large number of votes from independents and Republicans.

That's because registered Republicans outnumber registered Democrats by more than 59,000.

In 1998, Moore became the first Democrat in 36 years to win the seat.


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