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Centennial fan

September 23, 2000


To the editor:

In several recent articles dealing with such diverse subjects as rental properties, school enrollment, and playground equipment, I have noted one common theme, that being the alleged failings of Centennial Elementary School. I would beg to differ. My wife and I moved to the Centennial neighborhood 10 years ago, before we had children. When our oldest daughter reached school age, we saw no need to move out of town or to another part of the Lawrence district, as suggested in two of your articles.

Since then, we have had no reason to question that decision. Our daughter is thriving at Centennial, reaping the benefits of small class size, interaction with friends and peers, and daily contact with teachers who are clearly dedicated to children's education. My family's experience suggests that the recent portrayal of Centennial as somehow outmoded and lacking in commitment to education is clearly incorrect.

Timothy Weston,


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