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Dog’s death prompts heat warning

September 7, 2000


Midge Grinstead knows all about the dog days of summer. The executive director of the Lawrence Humane Society says her organization took 80 calls during August about animals not getting proper water and shade.

One of the most recent complaints came Friday, when officials found a dog dead in the back yard of a Lawrence residence. Officials suspected dehydration, but an examination was inconclusive.

"It could have been heat-related," Grinstead said. "We have no evidence either way."

But other animals, she said, definitely suffered with late-summer's triple-digit heat. And with temperatures expected to rise again, pet owners should know how to keep their animals cool.

"They've got to have shade," Grinstead said. "A doghouse isn't shade if the weather is hot, the doghouse is hot."

And, as for humans, something to drink is essential in warm weather.

"Go out and give them a fresh bucket of water every day," Grinstead said.

Some pet owners provide kiddie pools for their animals, Grinstead said. Others prop up a tarp to provide shade.

"Or they could do like I do with my dogs, and leave them inside," she said.

Grinstead said people who suspect that animals aren't getting proper water and shade should call the Lawrence Humane Society at 843-6369 or Lawrence Animal Control at 832-7650.

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