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Three points

October 26, 2000


To the editor:

In my opinion there are three items in or about your publication on which the public seems to be silent. Perhaps I am a loner in this concern, but others in my presence have initiated these concerns as well.

Number 1: It is probably the most biased publication in the state of Kansas. My question is, "With the population of the county (according to your reports) now reaching on the doorstep of 100,000, how can you continue to do the format the same biased way?" It is as if we are all stupid and cannot think through anything without your guidance. For your information many of the "new" citizens of your community can read through your intent whether it be politics on the local, county or federal level. Please leave us alone to do our own thinking whether we be Naderites, Bushites or Goreites.

Number 2: I have to wonder if in your TODAY'S QUESTION column your reporter stands in one place, i.e., student union, sports bar or whatever and asks the question. Am I the only one that feels the ones usually asked are all about the same age? Wouldn't it be better to move around and get a better cross-section of the community?

Number 3: This has nothing to do with your publication per se. It does have to do with what is advertised in your publication as well as all publications including advertising on television. What is it with the political candidates? Are they ashamed to put at the end of their ads or commercials which party they are running for? If I were running for a political office I would certainly be proud to be representing my people and with greater pride I'd name the party that I would represent. It doesn't seem to matter on what level they seek office, none of them except the presidential candidates let us know this important aspect of gaining our trust to put them in office.

Am I alone?

Kenneth E. Flanders,


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