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Late-inning situations

October 26, 2000


Major League Baseball might as well hang a sign on the World Series that says: NO KIDS ALLOWED.

You see, all the World Series games are being played at night again this year. That means kids baseball's future fans are getting shut out.

Oh sure, children can watch a couple of innings. But with all the hoopla, full counts and between-innings commercials, most games go until midnight. And plenty of the games are on school nights.

People say kids aren't interested in baseball the way they used to be. The game is too slow, too expensive, too long. Well, maybe one reason baseball is striking out with today's kids is because they never get a chance to see all nine innings of the really big games.

Don't you think the World Series games should start earlier so kids could watch? Maybe not every game, but at least a couple.

Write the commissioner with your thoughts: Mr. Allan (Bud) Selig, Office of the Commissioner of Baseball, 245 Park Ave., 31st floor, New York, NY 10167.

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