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Happy ending

October 26, 2000


To the editor:

My husband and I would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to all the people who took care of our son while he was lost at the Maple Leaf Festival. While we were visiting a friend's house after the festivities, all our children played on their screened porch while the adults talked in the living room.

Our son, being 2 and very curious, figured out how to open the screen door and slipped out unnoticed. We found out later that he had wandered down the sidewalk where he was found, thought to have been lost from the festival, and taken to the announcer's booth. When we realized he was missing we franticly searched the house and all around it where he was nowhere to be found. Then we heard our names called over the loud speaker and knew that he was safe.

Thank you so much for caring for him. And a very special thank you to the man that gave him a little bear to hold. He carries the bear around with him everywhere. We have learned a huge lesson from this experience that could have turned tragic. We were so careful to watch him while we walked around at the festival, but lost him when we thought he was safe inside. We will not let that happen again. Thank goodness we were in a town that looks out for others.

Beth and Bobby Bond,


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