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Be neighborly

October 26, 2000


To the editor:

This letter is referring to the article in Sunday's paper about Mr. Tony Sitting Up's untidy property. This is just another reason why this town and its leaders infuriate me so much.

It is so easy for people with above-average income to sit there and say, "all you have to do is fix it up a little bit to get in compliance." But with the cost of living in this town and the few jobs that pay well enough to have a nice house, there is usually very little left after the bills get paid for some of us.

And as for Cathleen Abell and her staff, instead of pushing so hard for compliance with city codes and laws, and sending this good man to jail, why couldn't you just be a little more neighborly and maybe help make some calls to those places around town that could help get his property up to the law's standard. Or why couldn't you and your staff maybe come by his place a few evenings after work and help him pick up and straighten up a bit? Would that have been too difficult?

We are all neighbors regardless of our income status or what neighborhood we live in. Instead of always going by the law or taking things to the courts, we need to become better neighbors and help one another out. Our city officials sure won't be there for us when we need them, so us citizens should stick together and help each other out.

I just want to let Abell and the other leaders in this community know that what goes around does come around, so maybe you should start determining between what is right and what is just plain old meanness. But I know this letter will not change anything in this town, I just wanted to let my opinion be known.

Matt Withers,


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