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Ballot questions

October 26, 2000


To the editor:

Propositions One and Two on the Official General Election Ballot need clarification. There is a crying need to clarify the ramifications of voting "yes" or "no" on these questions. There are times when a "yes" vote actually can denote an against choice and vice versa. It takes an attorney to figure out these two propositions and there's been little information available to fully explain just what these two propositions are about.

Perhaps the authors of these two important questions are hoping voters will just leave these items on the ballot blank. In California, an informed friend tells me that the voting public in California is issued full explanations of what the fine print on such propositions means and are sent to voters prior to voting. Is such not a great idea for the State of Kansas?

Precise, EASILY UNDERSTOOD language on these two items on the ballot are needed right now for the edification of everyone who votes in November. When such propositions are slipped onto a ballot, with little information available, such propositions become suspect in one's mind. Can anyone explain the omission and lack of interpretation of these two important questions on the ballot?

Sue Hess,


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